Russian Space Age Christmas Cards

December 17, 2011

Check out these great Russian Christmas cards. Along with vintage Krampus post cards, these are some of the coolest holiday print items I’ve seen.


The Soulful Strings – The Magic Of Christmas

December 11, 2011

Released in 1968 on Cadet Records, The Magic Of Christmas is certainly one of the grooviest collections of holiday recordings I’ve encountered. Where else will you find a rendition of Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy featuring an electric sitar solo? Or a funky take on Santa Clause Is Coming To Town featuring what I believe to be a plucked cello, but sounds a bit like a scat singing rubber band? This is one LP no holiday season should be without. Keep your eyes peeled for a copy in the thrift shop bins, or try one of the following links for an mp3 version.


A Christmas Yuleblog

Rock Savage


Merry Xmas Everybody

December 11, 2011

If you’re like all the other cool kiddies, you’ll surely be wanting an octopus coat this Christmas. Or perhaps not… Whatever you desire, I hope that you awake on Christmas morning to find that all of your holiday wishes have come true. In the meantime, please enjoy this psychedelic pop take on the Slade classic Merry Xmas Everybody – a gift from Octopus Coat.


SL Records Xmas Compilation

December 11, 2011

A free download from SL Records… What really makes this worthwhile are two offerings from the great Misty’s Big Adventure – Where Do Jam Jars Go At Christmas Time and, my personal favorite, Have Yourself A Psychedelic Xmas. We also get a rather warped version of the 1953 Gayla Peevey classic I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas from Paul Vickers & The Leg, and a pretty straightforward take on McCartney’s Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Tim from Dawn of the Replicants.

Get the SL Records Xmas Compilation here!


The Merry Moog – Sleigh Ride

December 12, 2010

At long last the first audio post of the season has arrived, and it’s a fun one! Please enjoy the wacky Moog goodness of The Merry Moog’s rendition of Sleigh Ride.


Keep Krampus in Christmas

December 5, 2010

The Yule Ghoul asks that you please consider frightening a few children, or giving a young lass a good birching on this fine December evening.


Cha Cha Heels

November 28, 2010

Hello kiddies, It’s that time of year again. Let us kick the season off with this heart warming scene from the John Waters classic Female Trouble. Enjoy!


Winter Wonderland

December 20, 2009

Could it be that the rumored 1968 Christmas single by Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Brigade’s Oliver Crumb has finally surfaced?  Because I refuse to let reality stand in the way of a good thing, I believe that it has… and with jangly guitars aplenty. The B side Marshmallow World,  sadly, has been scratched beyond repair.


It’s Christmas!

December 13, 2009

From Clad Cadaver (featuring the Chulkhurst Sisters), a cover of Jimmy Wakely’s “It’s Christmas”. The original version of this song can be found on the Christmas on the Range, Cowboy Classics from Capitol Records CD. This rendering is a nod to the wacky Moog records of the 60’s and early 70’s, as well as to musical pioneers of that era such as Bruce Haack. The video is a crude concoction of wonderful vintage Christmas images mouthing and moving (sort of) in sync to the music. You can download an mp3 below. Enjoy!


Merry Xmas Elizabeth Kimbal

December 12, 2009

The Yule Ghoul’s first holiday offering is a groovy psychedelic pop number from Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Brigade. These lads released the fab Walter Ghoul’s Lavender Brigade …Is Coming LP back in 1999. This track was never officially released, but appeared on a Bucketful Of Brains magazine compilation in 2004.

I presume you may be wondering whether this Walter bloke is of any relation to yours truly. Never you mind. Just grab this tune and dig it.